Elizabethan Blackwork

A Circle of Seasons

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Spring: Love-in-Idleness

Blackwork Pattern - Pansies [10K]

"Love-in-Idleness" is the Elizabethan name for the pansy (from French pensee). "In idleness" here means "in vain."

Summer: A Fret of Thistles

Blackwork Pattern - Thistles [13K]

A "fret" or "fretwork" is what we would call a lattice; fretty is a heraldic term For an overall lattice pattern. Artichokes, of course, are merely thistles gone gravid.

Autumn: Leaves and Acorns

Blackwork Pattern - Leaves and Acorns [14K]

Try this pattern as a multiple-repeat border. It would look good embroidered in shades of brown and russet.

Winter - Holly and Ivy

Blackwork Pattern - Holly and Ivy [15K]

This pattern would work well with the holly berries picked out in red or gold thread.

All patterns, text, and illustrations are copyright 1985-2002 Paula Katherine Marmor.
Created 28 March 1996
Last Updated 11 November 2001